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Weight Loss Service

Weight loss can help with so many clinical conditions, make you feel better, and have more energy. It is a challenge today to do this on your own, with our busy lifestyles, not having a work/life balance, and so much misinformation out there about fad diets. Weight loss is best through the support of a nutrition professional and a Weight Loss Service, helping you make small changes and not a fad diet which does not last. Restrictive diets should be replaced by healthy eating, regular exercise, and finding a good balance with all foods. 80/20 rule!!

Services to help with your Weight Loss Journey

Susan can help you reach and maintain your healthy weight through nutrition counselling and coaching sessions. A personalised approach can include:

Personalized DNA Nutrition Plan

Unlock your ideal diet based on your genes and food sensitivities. Discover the perfect match among low carb, Mediterranean, and low-fat diets. Personalize your meal plan for optimal weight loss by understanding your genetic reaction to carbohydrates, fats, and exercise. Avoid dietary missteps and achieve your goals with our tailored approach.

Nutrition Coaching

  • Weekly sessions for your healthy weight. Personalized dietary goals, targets, and menu ideas to suit your lifestyle.
  • Email/telephone support as required to motivate and help overcome barriers to success.

May be covered by private insurance for clinical conditions.

Client Story

Weight loss

Giving up smoking was the start of my weight gain – over 10 years a stone crept on and being only 5ft2 I had nowhere to hide those extra pounds.

My biggest challenge was that I know about a healthy lifestyle – I walk everywhere and every day, eat only organic and non- processed foods – but I was eating too much of the good stuff and stuffing myself with crisps and nuts at the weekend.

I don’t eat for comfort, or because I’m stressed – I eat because I love life, food and I’m greedy!! There’s no off switch with me for anything once I get going.

So post lockdown I was larger and fed up with being so lumpy – I did not feel good despite knowing how to dress to look my best – something had to be done!

Susan talked me through how to make weight loss work for me – she personalsed everything and taught me about the right nutrition not just weight loss. You cannot outrun the fork – so with the amount of exercise I do it had to be about reducing and making changes to what and how I was eating. Susan made it easy for me to see this was a marathon not a sprint. I also had to commit to making permanent changes – so eating a pack of ‘healthy’ pistachio nuts every night is now consigned to history.

The biggest thing Susan taught me was that there are no short cuts and the commitment has to be there – you can have the best guide (which I do) but all their expert advice will be wasted if you don’t really want to eat yourself healthy – after 6 months I’m 1stone and 5lbs lighter, I have a normal BMI and my clothes are too big! There’s no way I’m going back to the old unhealthy me.

Susan is a fantastic role model – just look at her pictures – she’s proof that getting older doesn’t mean getting bigger – so if you want someone to help you look and feel fabulous whilst improving your overall health – invest in some time with her – it’s worth a million high calorie coffees and cakes!


Lose Weight Without Surgery

Fine Surgery
Susan can help ensure your weight loss occurs in .

Susan is now working with the Fine Surgery to assist in the nutritional management and diet with bariatric surgery and balloon placement. Obesity is a chronic condition. Everyone can lose weight but maintaining weight loss is the problem and many people see their weight frustratingly yo-yo throughout their life while they battle their weight issues.

Dr Shenfine, as a specialist Weight Loss or Bariatric Surgeon, he sees the dramatic effects that sustained weight loss achieves but it’s a tool not a magic bullet and lifestyle changes still underpin long term success. Weight loss surgery may or may not be for you but we are happy to discuss this with you and guide you through the risks as well as the benefits. Sometimes, you might need a little extra help when diet and exercise just isn’t enough to lose weight. Susan has experience with a intra-balloon from working on Harley street prior to moving to Jersey. If you need a kick start for your weight loss journey, this balloon is for you. It’s a non-evasive procedure to help with quicker weight loss.

Two sessions with Susan are included under your price for the Orbera balloon, it is recommended to purchase a package of 8 more sessions to help maintain your weight loss after the balloon.

For more information visit : FineSurgery

Lose Weight With Surgery

Susan will also be available as the Registered Dietitian to see bariatric clients, pre and post surgery for pre-surgery milk diet and post surgery diet. Then ongoing counselling to help maintain your weight loss. She is there to recommend upgoing follow-up and advise on blood results with appropriate Nutritional Supplements to Live Your Best Life

For more information visit : FineSurgery

Milk diet

For more information on the pre-operative milk diet

Surgery Booklet

For more information on Weight Loss Surgery

Live Your Best Life

Obesity, weight loss, bariatric, anti-reflux, gallstones and general surgery

Great book to help with your weight loss journey

Great book to help with your weight loss journey

Great for Bariatric Surgery to keep healthy

Great for Bariatric Surgery to keep healthy

Easy to follow recipes and meal plans to help with surgery

Easy to follow recipes and meal plans to help with surgery

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