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Personalised DNA Nutrition Plan

Curious about why diets vary in effectiveness? Frustrated with not achieving desired results despite healthy habits? Your genes could hold the answer! Eliminate the guesswork by obtaining a personalized plan based on your genetic profile. Susan, a certified DNALife nutrition tester, will provide a tailored meal plan, exercise suggestions, supplements, and 4 weekly sessions for guidance. Additional personal training sessions are available at Healthhaus upon request.

There are four types of tests available

Heath See Sample Report

Diet See Sample Report

Discover the ideal diet for your genes: low carb, Mediterranean, or low fat. Results provide insights on your response to carbs, fats, and exercise, enabling a personalized weight loss meal plan.

Oestrogen See Sample Report

Assess female risk for specific chronic diseases like breast cancer. Results offer personalized diet, hormone, and nutrition supplements to enhance estrogen metabolism. Genetic profiles reveal high risk for certain cancers.

Sports See Sample Report

Optimize athletic potential by aligning your diet and exercise with your genes. Results offer strategies to enhance sports performance, prevent injuries, and optimize recovery for peak results.

The Personalised DNA Nutrition Plan (£495) includes:

  • One DNA Nutrition Test Kit and analysis report
  • Personalised plan including exercise ideas and 7 day meal plan
  • Four 20 minute follow-up sessions to help you achieve your personalised goals. Sessions can be virtual.

The Personalised DNA