Frozen Berry Yogurt Cake

This is a low fat alternative to cheesecake. Fat in food can trigger symptoms and cause discomfort in the gut and so it is important not to include too much in the diet. 


Health Benefits  -  lower fat than a cheesecake and good source of fibre 

Desserts, High in fibre, High in Protein

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Honey Baked Plums with Toasted Pistachio & Sweet Saffron Labneh

  Fruit based puddings are generally lower in fat and sugar than cake and cream based puddings which can help everyone manage their weight better. Body weight is important to gut health, as research has shown that people who are overweight tend to have a more permeable gut and an altered gut microbiome. 

Health Benefits  -  fruit based dessert, lower in fat and sugar, good for healthy weight


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Brussels Sprout, Chestnut and Sage Risotto

  A risotto is a great meal to serve as a vegetarian or vegan option for special occasions. Brussels sprouts and chestnuts are easily available over the winter months in most supermarkets.

Health Benefits  -  Ingredients with anti-cancer effects

Mains, High in Protein

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Aubergine Dip with Wheat Free Pitta

  This is a FODMAP friendly dip to make in advance to use as a spread on a low FODMAP friendly carbohydrate base, for example; wheat free pitta, rice cakes, oat cakes or use with Low FODMAP crudités.

Health Benefits  -  low in FODMAPS

Snacks, Gluten Free

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Winter Trifle with Blackberries


Trifle is a firm favourite on the Christmas menu. This winter themed trifle is made with blackberries and, as an optional extra, can be flavoured with sloe gin or a favourite liqueur.

The wonderful thing about trifle is it can be adapted to meet all dietary preferences including vegetarians or vegans.

Health Benefits  -  Full of anti-oxidants.


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