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Fitness in a pandemic world

Historically, salt has been used to preserve food when fresh produce was not available. In the present day, we do not strictly need salt for preservation, and thus we have developed a salty preference. Salt enhances the flavour of foods, and many people consume far too much of it.


Much has been made about the changing landscape, and questions raised around what will be the need and appetite for Gyms once lockdowns eventually become a distant memory. For many, working out at home has already taken over as the new norm; There are a raft of new start-up companies looking to take advantage of these possible ‘new – norms’ in the fitness world. Whilst I agree with much of what has been written – people will undoubtedly have all sorts of new habits across all areas of their work/play/social lives – I also think that a certain degree of caution to a lot of these claims and predictions should also be taken. 

First and foremost, the most important thing to remember is that being fit and healthy, by maintaining a healthy balanced diet, combined with the correct amount of exercise will always be key to a long and healthy life.
This will never change, and in fact COVID has only gone to highlight even more so that being fit, strong and healthy is a great way to increase the likelihood that you will enjoy a long and enjoyable lifestyle well into old age.

So how much exercise is ‘the correct amount?

Different countries around the world prescribe different guidelines as to what represents a sensible  ‘minimum guideline’ for how much we should all be exercising.  However, the general consensus seems to be somewhere around 150 minutes a week or 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week of ‘steady exercise’ (or exercise which gets you warm and a little sweaty) or a bit less if the exercise you are doing is a lot harder (very out of breath/sweaty).

The great news

What that exercise looks like, is entirely up to you – that’s the great thing about it; if you can find something you enjoy doing, then it no longer becomes a chore but a pleasurable experience, and an enjoyable part of your week.
Furthermore, the mental wellbeing benefits to getting away from work and your daily stresses to give yourself some time to yourself are numerous and well documented and researched too, so it really is a Win/Win all round.

So, what does exercise look like in a post pandemic world?

For some people, the social aspect of being in a gym environment is part of the attraction & for those people, I completely understand the desire to get back in the gym and get back in your old routine.
My view is that the majority of Gyms will go back to the thriving businesses they were pre-COVID.


However, I also believe that a large proportion of former Gym Go-ers have now invested in a range of home gym and workout equipment and are now very comfortable working out at home. Various companies have either started up, or gone into ‘boom-time’ during lockdown where they are able to provide equipment, classes, Personal Training & fitness classes/guidance all in the comfort of your own home.
I believe that this is a huge and growing market and this is where people will see a lot more choice developing in the market place.


Firstly, the need to be fit and strong has never been more obvious.

Secondly, with more people planning to work from home – if not full time, then certainly more frequently – the popularity of home workouts is not set to decrease or decline any time soon.

Thirdly, with the right guidance and equipment, it is very easy to get the right quality and quantity of exercise needed for a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.

Lastly, there is an ever-growing number of companies and ventures out there who can help with advice in getting started, classes and individual courses to follow, fitness advice to compliment the healthy eating plan (insert link to meal plans) you may be following, accountability and a sense of community which people seek in a traditional gym environment, and above all FUN to keep you motivated and returning.

If you miss the GYM and can’t wait to get back in there, then of course – that option will always be served, but if you have grown accustomed and familiar with working out at home, then your choice for help and assistance has never been wider and will continue growing for the years to come.

Written by Matt Davies – founder and CEO of Astute Fitness Ltd

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