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Eating well to help you recover from COVID-19

A healthy diet helps your immune system to function. However, there is no single food that will give your immune system “a boost” or help you recover quicker, therefore it is important that you follow a healthy, balanced diet.


Recommendations to help you feel better soon: 

  • Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Consider whole grain options, such as oats, barley, whole meal bread and pasta 
  • Include variety of protein-rich foods such as: legumes, eggs, diary, fish, chicken and other cuts of meat or vegetarian/vegan alternatives 
  • Stay hydrated—drink 6-8 glasses/mugs of liquids a day. Water, squash, juice, milk, soup, tea and coffee all count
  • Try to exercise, but only if you feel up for it
  • Limit your alcohol intake 

Loss of appetite

It is normal to experience loss of appetite after any illness. You might also find that you are getting full quicker than usual. It is important that you still try to get enough calories and nutrients in. You will slowly regain your appetite, but in the meantime you can: 

  • Focus on foods that you enjoy
  • Use smaller plates and bowls. This will help you feel less overwhelmed
  • Take your time to finish your meals, don’t rush
  • Have high energy snacks, such as crackers and cheese, nuts and seeds, flapjack, sausage roll, chocolate, custard, ride pudding, glass of full fat milk
  • Add extra calories to your meals by adding butter, grated cheese, cream cheese, avocado, honey, peanut butter to your food
  • Avoid having foods that are labelled as “diet”, “low fat” and “low calorie” 
  • Try to have some high protein foods such as beans, lentils, eggs, meat or alternatives, cheese, milk or yoghurt 

Taste Changes

Covid-19 infection can cause loss of taste or smell. It can take few weeks for things to return to normal. Meanwhile, there are some steps you can follow to stimulate your taste buds:

  • Choose foods that look and smell good
  • Go for tart foods and drinks, for example ones that contain cranberry, lemon, lime or vinegar 
  • Add extra herbs, spices and marinades to your food
  • If you are experiencing metallic taste in your month, try eating with plastic or wooden cutlery 
  • Keep good oral hygiene 
  • Drink 6-8 cups of liquids a day

Preserving you energy

Fatigue might be a result of recent Covid-19 infection. Remember to only do activities that you feel comfortable doing. Your energy levels will fluctuate throughout the day. Don’t force yourself to complete any tasks if you feel exhausted, that might mean that you will have to postpone basic tasks.

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