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Active Living Starts with you!

A healthy diet is THE place to start when making improvements to your health and lifestyle, but a healthy body needs exercise too.

Guidelines around the world differ, but at least 150 minutes a week (5x30mins) of moderate exercise, or 60 minutes of vigorous exercise, are the MINIMUM for healthy living and the prevention of many diseases.

As we age, our bodies naturally lose muscle mass (1% per year after the age of 40) and bone density, but we can offset this natural decline and build a body which lasts into older age by combining different forms of exercise with the correct diet.

Unhealthy eating habits – particularly in the western world – have led to increases in a range of diseases from heart disease to cancer, to diabetes. But an active lifestyle, alongside healthy eating habits, is proven to reduce your risk of many diseases. It doesn’t matter which activity you enjoy; it is about active living. This can include hiking, brisk walking, cycling, running or swimming. You just need to find one you will enjoy so that it remains part of your lifestyle. Sharing is caring, grab a friend and go for a walk or a run, this is much more enjoyable.

A healthy diet, combined with an active lifestyle, give you the best chance of a long and healthy life. There’s no one size fits all in fitness, find an exercise you enjoy to reach your goals.

I have always been active but find it best to join in with friends, much more fun this way. I have even made friends with the peacerunner, https://www.thepeacefulrunner.com/  from one of my favorite sports, running.”

Susan Burry
Susan Burry

Recommended Active Living Products

Here are a few fitness products which may help you reach your lifestyle goals
Never trip up again whilst skipping

Comfy and durable for home workout or to take to your favorite yoga class

Exercise bands for your home workout

Fashionable watch to keep track of your activity and performance

Useful Apps and Links


STRAVA is “The #1 app for runners and cyclists” I use it to plan my runs, check my distances, get my speed and track my progress

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Train Heroic is an app used by Astute Fitness to assign bespoke training to clients to use virtually wherever you are in the world and coaching to help you stay on track.

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Lose Weight with MyFitnessPal.com -- for FREE

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Professional Personal Trainer ASTUTE Fitness

NutritionU has partnered with online Fitness Coach – Astute Fitness - to devise personalised fitness programmes.

The guys at Astute Fitness understand the difficulties we can face with motivation, cost, knowledge and time to build a fitness routine into a busy lifestyle.

Owner and founder Matt Davies:

“By making consistent and simple lifestyle changes I turned things around and completely rebuilt my body and fitness to a new and improved version.

I'm fitter, healthier and happier than I have been in years.

As a Personal Coach I can guide you to fitness, health and happiness no matter what level you're at.”

Matt Davies

Matt Davies
Personal Trainer Astute Fitness

Fitness is different for each person. But no matter what your current level of activity, and no matter what you enjoy, there WILL be something to suit you and get you on the road to health and happiness.


Check out Astute Fitness to find out how Astute Fitness can build a fitness regime, bespoke to you, to help you achieve the best chance of a long and healthy future.

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