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Wonder why one diet helps some people but not others? Wonder why you are working out and having a healthy diet but neither losing weight nor achieving the results you want? Well the answer could be in your genes!

Take the guess work out of your diet and exercise routine. Get a personalised plan tailored to your genetic profile. Susan will review your results with you and design a bespoke meal plan, exercise ideas, supplements and 4 weekly sessions to help you keep on track. Personal training sessions can be added at Healthhaus if you wish.

Susan is certified in DNALife testing for nutrition testing. These tests determine how foods affect our genes and how individual genetic differences can affect the way we respond to nutrients in the foods we eat.

There are four types of tests available:


Determine if you are at risk to develop certain chronic diseases.

Results identifies any potential lifestyle diseases and to maximise person’s well-being. Person maybe at risk for insulin sensitivity and risk for diabetes.

See Sample Report


Determine which of three possible diets are best suitable for your genes, low carb, mediterranean or low fat. Also, if you are likely to have food sensitivities such as a sweet tooth.

Results gains insight into a persons' reaction to carbohydrates, fats and exercise to personalise a meal plan to optimise weight loss. Maybe a person is eating wrong for their genes.

See Sample Report


Determine if females are at risk to develop certain female chronic diseases such as breast cancer.

Results provide personalised diet, hormone and nutrition supplements to improve oestrogen metabolism. Test will show genetic profiles for high risk for certain cancers.

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Maximise your athletic potential to match your diet and exercise to your genes.

Results provide best way to maximise sporting potential, prevention injury, and optimise recovery to reach peak performance.

See Sample Report

Each test identifies your genes along with nutrition and exercise recommended to prevent or treat disease and to optimise your health.
The Personalised DNA Nutrition Plan (£349) includes:
  • One DNA Nutrition Test Kit and analysis report
  • Personalised plan including exercise ideas and 7 day meal plan
  • Four 20 minute follow-up sessions to help you achieve your personalised goals. Sessions can be either in-person or virtual.
Here is a testimonial from a recent customer:
"The volume of data on the reports was rather overwhelming and I was rather worried I would not be able to use the data to be of benefit to my health. However, sitting down with Susan, she "translated" the reports into a language I could understand and as a result was able to make changes to my diet and workout routine that would be of benefit to me"
The DNA Nutrition Test Kit will be shipped to you with instructions included. The test requires skin cells to be collected and sent back in a return envelope. Results will be sent to you in four weeks. Susan can answer any questions on the reports or you can follow-up with an appointmet to create a remedial plan based on the test results.
More information can be found here on the Diet test.
Also, read more about this technology in this document: DNAlysis Biotechnology

A DNA Diet Consultation with Susan:

Susan will develop the meal plans utilizing the following software:

Nutritics Professional Diet Analysis Software | Diet Tracking UK & Ireland Foods Database

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