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Taking Action on our Salt Consumption

Historically, salt has been used to preserve food when fresh produce was not available. In the present day, we do not strictly need salt for preservation, and thus we have developed a salty preference. Salt enhances the flavour of foods, and many people consume far too much of it. 


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Food and mood

“No mental health without physical health”  “No physical health without mental health”

Look at the photos below. Which one makes you feel good?


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All about fibre

I love all gut health topics and I strongly believe that any gut health conversation should start with fibre.

 All about Fibre

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Fitness in a pandemic world

Lots has been written on the Fitness world and the fitness industry and the impact that the pandemic has had on it.

Read more to see my thoughts on staying fit and healthy in 2021 and going forwards as the world slowly gets back to what we call normal.


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Eating well to help you recover from COVID-19

A healthy diet helps your immune system to function. However, there is no single food that will give your immune system “a boost” or help you recover quicker, therefore it is important that you follow a healthy, balanced diet.


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