Potato and Pastrami Salad with Dill and Mustard

  This salad can be made the night before and assembled in the morning. The combination of pastrami, potato and dill and a little mustard is wonderful and very sustaining. The salad ingredients and herbs should all feel very soothing.

Health Benefits  -  Low in sugar, high in protein. Low FODMAP s.

Light Meals

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Lentils with Homemade Pork, Wine and Rosemary Sausage

Everyone loves a sausage but most ready-made sausages contain wheat and other cereals. Make them yourself and you can leave out the cereals and keep the fat content down. Most pulses are high in FODMAPs and may cause symptoms in many people with a sensitive gut. Canned lentils are an exception to this. Canning alters the nature of the fermentable carbohydrates in the lentils making them safe to eat for most people with a sensitive gut. Celeriac is used here in place of celery because it is low in fermentable carbohydrates.

Health Benefits  -  Low in fermentable carbohydrates, low in sugar, lo win fat, low in sodium and good source of protein


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Oat Bran Flapjack with Coconut and Sunflower Seeds

  Oats and oat bran are really good ingredients to use in cooking. Oat bran in particular is very good for people with a sensitive gut because it is digested easily.

  Health Benefits  -  Healthy snack, provide energy for running, good source fo fibre and no FODMAPS, good for gut health


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Kedgeree with Turmeric and Coriander

This Anglo/Indian dish uses the gentle spices – ginger and turmeric- which have a soothing effect on the gut. Spring onion tops give the flavour of onions without the symptoms. This is a lovely brunch or light super dish. This version of kedgeree does not contain raisins which are high in fermentable carbohydrates.T

 Health Benefits  -  Low in fermentable carbohydrates and high in antioxidant


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Chia with Maple Syrup Coated Pecans 

Chia seeds and oat bran are both low in FODMAPs. This dessert can be sweetened with a little maple syrup or brown sugar and served with fruit and a few crushed pecans to form a gentle sustaining dessert.

 Health Benefits  - chia contains fibre and omega 3 providing lots of health benefits


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